Marauders of Ig

A Twist

The party didn’t rest long in Smoleng. After a day’s rest their attention turned to the goblin captive. They learned that the goblin’ tribe had been forced to raid to due “outsiders from below” moving in the goblin’s territory forcing them out into the upper world. Seeing the opportunity for further profit, the group approached the elder of Smoleng, offering to deal with the raiders for coin. The elder assented. To the goblin the group offered aid, and while he could make no promises his chief might be interested in such a bargain. Smelling the opportunity of gold, six peasants joined the group, a trio of dwarves, brothers all, an elf, and two men. The group left town, allowing the goblin to lead them to the Singing Hill.

After another day trekking across the plans and fording the River Jute they spied a large hill. A low hum filled the air as they approached, and the goblin sang out that they had arrived. They cut the goblin loose to bring word of their approach. Shortly a goblin dressed in a large headdress shaped like a bee, flanked by one goblin for each member in the party, approached. The chief welcomed the group, for the ex-captive’s promises of aid and mercy. He warned the group that his tribe had blocked the passageway below that led into the heart of the goblin’s territory, to stop the outsiders from creeping up in the night. The only way would be through the giant bee hive that took up much of the hollow hill.



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