Marauders of Ig

Once More unto the Graveyard

In which pitfalls, the undead, and more acolytes are encountered

The first expedition into the lair of Borghast was cut short by a nasty ambush and an attack from unliving monsters. The group had barely entered the narrow tunnels when a pair of dark-robed brigands dashed from a hidden passage and drew steel. The tight confines provided a difficult obstacle, but short work was made of the foes. Tim and Diesel deemed the dark robes not too foul and donned the garments to better disguise themselves.

The adventure nearly came to a halt when the party stumbled onto a large chamber dominated by a pair of stone altars, on which lay the freshly dead. Runes and weird sigils encircled the altars, but the elf Ser had no qualms in breaking the line to investigate the bodies. To his horror they rose and attacked, quickly decimating the party. They only barely managed to overcome the fell things, striking them down. No one had the courage to continue, so the party fled back to the city to recuperate.

A few days were spent at the inn, the Boar’s Guts, and soon the group was back on their feet, with the addition of Thogsmash. This expedition proved far more lucrative, despite Arrowroot’s tumbling into a pit in pursuit of a pair of silver candlesticks. A pair of twisted things, in a mockery of the shape of man, were struck down. The group was also able to ambush another group of acolytes, using a flask of oil to send them tumbling into a heap, setting them alight, then hacking them to pieces.



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