Marauders of Ig

Outsiders from Beyond the Dark Stone Chamber

The party proved unable to communicate with the outsiders in the pit. They spoke a dialect similar to the dwarf tongue but bizarrely archaic and functionally impossible to understand. Deciding to leave them they turned back toward the ritual chamber to explore the tunnels beyond. They tread carefully, soon reaching to a vast open chamber with a sandy floor. Small figures wrapped head-to-toe in dusty yellow cloth lay in a circle in the center of the room, an intricate spiral design etched in the sand extending from the still shapes in a five-foot radius.

One of the dwarves prodded one of the figures with a spear, but a stumble sent the spearpoint dragging across the spiral. The moment the spiral was marred the body stirred, staggering to his feet and letting out a groan. Not having any this, the party drew their weapons and cut down the swathed figure. It quickly fell, and on further inspection the body beneath the cloths proved to be that of a goblin, long-dead, with what must have been a mortal gut wound marring the torso.

The group avoided the rest of the figures, creeping around the periphery of the space to a passage on the far side. This led to an ornate chamber dominated by a rough bamboo and hide idol in the shape of an enormous bee that loomed grotesquely atop a large hexagonal altar. At its base were a number of figurines made of gold, which the group split among each other. Beyond lay a long arcing hall. One wall was made of wax, which the wizard surmised must be the far side of the hive. The other wall had shallow alcoves in which more yellow-wrapped figures lay entombed. No one was willing to disturb these bundles.

Moving on they found a room of weapons and armor, all goblin-sized. These were claimed by the dwarves. They also found a locked room that contained horrific shapeless blob with an acidic touch, who ambushed Diesel and nearly killed him before the amorphous thing could be put down. It was, however, well-stocked with treasure. The party barricaded the door and rested their for several hours, doing their best to recuperate after their long journey from the surface. Reaching a dead end the party turned back, returning to the pit chamber and the increasingly enraged outsiders.

Turning down another passage the group finds enters a new chamber, but this is different, this was a room. A long hallway of ebon worked stone extends into the darkness, the high ceiling held up by pillars that had an evil, almost organic cast. Deciding not to risk facing more of the organized outsiders, the group turned back to other other chambers yet unexplored. In one moist passage, where water dripped down the walls and made a small stream that ran along side passage, one of the dwarves was nearly devoured by a giant toad, who flicked out his enormous tongue and pulled the hapless humanoid into his jaws. Were it not for the quick feet of his brother and the rest of the group he would have met a horrible fate in the gullet of the beast.



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