Marauders of Ig

The End of the Wizard Borghast

The party pushed on into the room where the acolytes had poured from, finding a profane altar to one of the 444 Gods of Decay. Huge beetles skittered across the walls of the room, at least as big as an And war-dog, but the party’s torches kept the things at bay.

Continuing on the party came to an empty chamber. It was set up like a prison, with iron bars set into the stone, locking the back of the chamber away. They also found fine women’s clothes and jewelry in a chest. Arrowrootand Justice, putting the clues together, assumed these must belong to the last victim the wizard kidnapped.

Heading back to a crossroads the party turned down an unexplored passage. The air grew foul as they continued, , and soon the passage opened up into a chamber filled with refuse and filth looted from the necropolis above. Timbegan to root through the piles, but disturbed huge beetles similar to the ones in the altar chamber. Ser leapt to his defense, but he was bowled over when another beetle attacked. The room soon dissolved into a frantic melee as the group struggled to dispatch the insects.

The group found a trove of worn coins in the trash and prepared to leave the labyrinth without finding Borghast. However, on the way back they spied a red light gleaming from behind what they’d took for a solid stone wall. In reality a secret door, when they opened it they could see the shadows of several figures against the red light, and magical chanting in a fell voice. Everyone hunkered out of sight, trying to decide whether they should risk interrupting the ritual when they heard a woman scream.

Chivalry being what it was, the men couldn’t slink away. A plan was hatched, Thogsmashcollected his mystical focus and cast his voice into the room, imitating the gruff voice of one of the acolytes they’d dispatched. They ambushed the first acolyte who came to investigate, but the second got out a yell before he was dispatched.

Down the corridor came the wizard, his eyes alight with rage and power. He was struck by an onslaught of slingstones, but he made carved a sinister shape in the air and caught Thogsmash in a spell, dominating his will and forcing him to block the tunnel. Before he could work more evil another slingstone cracked his skull. The wizard was dead!

Beyond lay the wizard’s laboratory. On a low stone altar a woman lay bound. She was the daughter of a rich merchant from Hamanda Jakla. They freed her and looted the laboratory of the wizard’s things. Borghast had fallen, and the city had no need to fear being stolen away in the night by a mad wizard.



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