Marauders of Ig

The Long Road to Smoleng

The party headed back to Hamanda Jakla to return the merchant’s daughter, Janeera Serian, to her father. She promised her father would pay well for her safe return. When they stood before Andoko Serian in his house in the rich southern end of the city offered them fifty gold pieces, or more if the group would do him a favor. In a weeks time a caravan heading for Smoleng would leave the city, and was in need of guards. Several of Andoko’s caravans had disappeared along the way, and he was about to give up the trade route as a loss. Smelling desperation, and always interested in the procurement of gold, Arrowrootand Justice talked Andoko into giving them half the pay up front.

Flush with cash the group descended onto the market district to prepare for a long journey. Justice purchased new weapons and armor, while the rest of the group replenished their supplies. After a week of debauchery in the seedier sections of Hamanda Jakla the group set out, leading the caravan along the dirt road to the southeast. The city grew hazy in the distance, and soon the road faded away to the rolling grasslands of Ig.

A week passed as they crossed the endless fields. The river Jute rushed on their right, and on their left the shadow of Beldin forest lay on the horizon. On the seventh night, as twilight began to fall and the group had begun to set-up camp a pack of wolves descended upon the caravan. They went for the horses, but the party was able to kill four and scare the rest away. Diesel nearly cut a wolf in twain when he thrust down the beast’s throat, and Justice broke his shield on the back of another before running it through with his spear.

The road became strange. After another day’s travel the party awoke to discover one of the wagons ransacked. Footprints could be found all about, but they disappeared a few yards from the area, no other sign could be found. The group was on guard, but they found no sign until the next night.

As the sun began to descend a low hum rolled over the hills, causing the group to stop their horses. The noise grew louder, and right as it reached a maddening pitch a group of figures appeared over a nearby hill. They moved too fast for horses, and they didn’t appear to be touching the ground, just hovering above it. In another moment they were up the group, it was a swarm of giant bees, but astride them were twisted goblins dressed in strange leather armor and wielding spears. With a howl they charged!



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