Marauders of Ig

The Portal Under the Stars

The First Day of the Rest of the Campaign

The cast, a rag-tag group of peasants in pursuit of treasure at the behest of a dying man.

The place, a sealed tomb of a lost wizard-king, ageless beyond reckoning, and inextricably linked the endless march of the stars in the heavens.

Fifteen men crossed the threshold into the darkness beyond, but only seven returned alive, the rest consumed by the machinations and horrors within. Spattered with mud and stained with gore both human and beast, they are weary yet unbowed. They carry with them the treasures of the wizard-king, more wealth than they could imagine before today. They clutch weapons of strange and ancient make, their shapes unfamiliar but not their purpose.

They will not die unremembered as mere peasants. They are brave men who challenged fate, and for a time, bested it.



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