Marauders of Ig

Through the Hive

The goblins shared two routes to gain egress to the Singing Hill, an opening halfway up the hill used by the bees as their main entrance, or a small vent at the summit used by the bees for cooling. The party chose the main entrance. They took with them a number of goblin smudgesticks, specially formed torches that could be used to pacify the insects if they got too close.

Waiting for a lull in the insect traffic, the party entered the muggy darkness, walking down short tunnel, which opened up into a vast hollow cavity. The stone underfoot fell away in a deep crevasse. Across the gulf the pale waxy bulk of the hive extended off into the darkness. Strung across the crevasse in arcing loops was a thick rope. Seeing no other route, the party slung legs over the rope and climbed into the darkness.

The ropes led to further tunnels, and as the group sought out a way into the hive they faced challenges of flesh, giant parasitic moths who descended on the party in a shadowy room, and mind, a dart trap hidden in a wooden spar slew one of the dwarf peasants outright. After searching dark corridors and rooms the group at last found a entrance to the inner hive. Setting fire to their smudgesticks the party entered, squeezing through narrow passageways and avoiding the bees that crawled across every surface. They were able to descend through a hole in the floor, but below the bees pressed even tighter, and began to grow aggressive. They found a small hole that led outside the hive, but they chose to search the hive further. When one drew too close Diesel drove it away with his shortsword, but this only enraged the hive. They descended on the party in a rage. The group fled, trying to return to the small tunnel they’d found before.

The peasants led, falling to their knees to crawl through the tunnel. As they reached the far side they were met by a venomous hiss.



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