Marauders of Ig

Weird Sights in the Graveyard

Sidetracked in a storm, and what good are black robes anyway?

After a few days rest in Berkoz left the hamlet in pursuit of a less volatile economy in which to dump their hard-earned loot. The party set off for Hamanda Jakla, the closest thing to a city on the plains of Ig. They hadn’t made more than a few days’ travel before the weather turned against the group. A huge thunderstorm rolled down out of the Dark Mountains, driving them to take refuge in a ruined tower.

They ruins were not unoccupied, and the group soon found itself under attack by horrors that walked in the shapes of men and beasts. When the storm finally broke the group staggered out of the tower, battered and bleeding but weighed down with more treasure wrested from within.

The rest of the journey passed uneventfully, and after a few more days of travel they spied the city of Hamanda Jakla. Girded by ancient sandstone walls that have stood for centuries, the city is jumbled mix of stucco, wood, and stone buildings. The group quickly broke up to spend their hard-earned lucre, and during their wanderings around the city they heard rumor of the wizard Borgast and his band of callous acolytes, kidnapping in the dead of night to a fate better left imagined.

Hiring a torch carrier, an ex-caravan guard, surname Justice, they set out to find the wizard. Tracking his whereabouts to the abandoned graveyard. They found an iron door beneath a dead willow, and entered into the wizard’s secret lair.



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