Precious Iron

The people of Ig are not the standard western medieval stereotype. Since development has been reversed by the hordes that periodically scourge the area the people have turned to more natural, shorter-lived materials. Wooden joins, thatch, and cob being some of the most common strategies. Most stone structures are re-purposed ruins from Katoun. Building new stone structures is rare and exceedingly slow process because many of the quarries have become nests to monsters.

Mines are a similar case, making the collection of ore for metallurgy incredibly difficult. For this reason metal is used sparingly, almost exclusively for weapons, as armor takes too much of the precious commodity. For elves this is a non-issue, given their sensitivity to iron they mastered the art of turning insect carapace into functional armor and weapons centuries ago.

Dwarves approach the problem in defense in two ways. First, they’ve kept their traditions alive, and their fame at the anvil has kept a slow trickle of iron into their hands. The greatest modern weapons in Ig are of dwarf make. Second, the dwarves prize any artifacts from their fallen empire highly, and are willing to pay highly for the return of their lost relics. Dwarves have also developed a technique to create a super-dense clay which they use to craft armor for themselves. It’s still considerably heavier than metal, but a dwarf’s innate strength make it a decent substitute. They rarely create versions for men or elves.

Men make due with the toughened hides and shells of animals such as crocodiles and turtles, leather lamellar, stone, and bone chips. They also fashion bamboo and rattan into a passable replacement for chainmail.

Precious Iron

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