Adventure Awaits

The Plains of Ig are a land overshadowed by the empires of the past. Elves, dwarves, and humans have lost their great kingdoms and live in fear of the horrors that lurk in the wilderness. Those brave or foolish enough to delve into the forgotten ruins that dot the land can wrest incredible treasures from the earth, or find a terrible death awaiting them in the darkness.

Imagine the fall of Rome, but not at the hand of barbarian hordes, but a horde of monstrous insects. The empire crumbles, but there is no Church to stabilize the remnants, safeguard knowledge, or bring the barbarians into the fold. There are no barbarians, just a teeming cloud of horrors which leave blighted fields and ruin wherever they go. Civilization has crashed hard, with what’s left living no more than a proto-feudal existence.

Points of light in a dark world. Low magic. Gritty.

Marauders of Ig is using the Dungeon Crawl Classics beta rules.

This campaign has moved to CARAPACE KING

House-rules can be found here.

Marauders of Ig

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