Marauders of Ig

The Fall of Ser Puupiponts

Beyond the small tunnel was a bare stone chamber with nothing but a few clay pots. The party quickly pulled themselves to their feet. The sound of the enraged hive grew louder as the giant bees began to climb down the tunnel. Facing the possibility of a horrible death on the stingers of insects, Ser pulled the spare flasks of oil from his pack. “I know how to stop the hive,” he declared. Opening the flasks, he upended them over his head and, taking up his torch, hurled himself back into the tunnel. As he clambered back toward the hive he lit himself alight. The elf went up like a candle, driving the bees back. The wax walls of the tunnel began to melt and sag, entombing the elf and blocking the tunnel.

The party had barely a moment to mourn their loss when a hissing sound came from the pots. Prudence won out when one of the peasants, displaying surprising snake-charming skill, used his quarterstaff to test them. Inside were several pit vipers, but the staff made tossing them away simple.

After dealing with the snakes the party set off looking for the goblins’ foes. Arrowroot fell into a pit trying to find gold in another pot, and the peasants were able to kick open a chest full of treasure when Diesel proved unable to unlock it. Thogsmash ensorcelled a giant bat, disturbed by the party when they plumbed a deep chasm with a weighted rope. It became his devoted servant.

Finding a network of ritual chambers covered in goblin markings and an attached dormitory, the party barricaded the entrances with beds and rested. After long hours they heard the tramp of approaching humanoid feet. Extinguishing their torches they held their breaths, hiding out of sight. The group passed by, but was accosted by other denizens of the underground. The party could hear the battle, but stayed put. The victor, apparently the humanoids, made a retreat back the way they had come. The party made their plans, whispering to each other in the darkness. They snuck up on the group in the chamber with the pit trap. There were four of them, strange pale humanoids with wide hairless faces wearing glossy leather of weird make. Surprised by the ambush, three of them were tossed into the pit, with another cut down before he could finish drawing his sword.

Were these the outsiders the goblins had spoken of?



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